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If you choose WISE Media,

this is what you need to know about us...


This is Our Story

It was 2007 and 2 inner-city guys met on McCaul St. Little did we know at the time that this chance meeting of ideas will transcend more than 10 years of friendship and business relations. As bonafide hustlers in a gritty city, we knew we could create something out of nothing and in September 2009, In2itive Print was born.
The idea was simple: Get a machine and sell print products to people in our network who needed printed flyers on a weekly basis. With our connections and collective knowledge of technologies, we started to make a dent in the local printing game. 

Success is very addictive and failures are motivating. Where some doors closed, others opened for us and our mantra “Giving up is not in our DNA” became the essence of our company. 
Every smiling customer we served during our infant years validated our vision and direction. WISE Media Inc. was the eventuality of our collective commitments.


By 2020 our vision was much simpler, maturing as a business, professionals and friends.​ The success of WISE Media is a testament to what is possible when individuals raised in disenfranchised environments decide to work together for a way out.

Why we care about your small business


In 2000, Sam and his mother opened their restaurant on 650 Yonge St. It was a dream realized for Rani to see the sign “Rani Mahal” light up for the first time. This major milestone was not met with the same enthusiasm by her 18-year-old son, who did not like the cheap vinyl sign, any of the cheap menus, business cards and t-shirts the business was outfitted with.

Every day he had to walk by Spring Rolls and was disheartened by their glamour. Their sign was beautiful, their menus were classy and their house was full. Everyday! On his way home after mopping the floor, the Spring Roll’s subway ads haunted him at every stop. Every night! However, Rani was content with her achievements after a lengthy career in the culinary arts to call a place her own.


In an attempt to save his hero's business, Sam contacted a marketing company to help spruce up the image of Rani Mahal and be competitive. The obstacles kept piling up as a voice on the phone wanted $5,000 for an initial consultation. This was an unattainable asset for a small business and  the restaurant was a failure. Her son swore to never work in a restaurant again.

We know the feeling of unattainable goals that can make or break a business. WISE Media started to offer business start-up packages for small business owners who do not have a multi-million dollar advertising budget, but have the ambitions to succeed.

We remove financial barriers for young entrepreneurs and share our resources to set our customers up for success. With our skills and experience, WISE Media became the affordable marketing department that works for our customers as they need it.

Our values

Marginalized communities have a struggle with employment, career advancements and economic progress. WISE Media is committed to discovering talent in our communities for critical roles that require creativity, critical thinking and strong work ethics to serve our customers. 

Our team members are part of a bigger family that encourages continuing education, exploring the creative industries and expanding their horizon for possibilities. 

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