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February 2, 2017

January 18, 2017

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January 30, 2017

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February 19, 2017



As the continuing domination of Netflix Original Programming cements itself into our everyday lives, we are tuning in on the weekly  basis to binge-watch our favorite "new" shows. Although, Netflix & Chill offers some incredible shows like "The Get Down" and "Marvel's Dare Devil" - I can't remember the last time a TV show blew my mind into kingdom come.


Now, "Black Mirror" is a popular British TV show that explores our contemporary lives through the fast moving lens of technology, with a hint of social commentary for good measures. Some episodes had me thinking, while other little jabs about John Ham had me in stitches. Well written is an understatement, as this show may be the closest evolution of classic sci-fi TV the likes of The Twilight Zone, Twin Peaks or The Outer Limits.


But, Season 2; Episode 3 "The Waldo Effect", is the one that fried my brain. SPOILER ALERT - We are going to get into some ish.


The episode isn't special with its direction, cinematography or acting. Actually, thinking of it, the acting - specially that of Waldo, is rather crude and immature. Written by Charlie Brooker and Directed by Bryn Higgins, this story of a comedic caricature running for the highest office in the land is suited for prime time entertainment. Perhaps the political inspiration came from Donald J. Trump attempting a run at the oval office during the 2012 election. However, this script fantasized with the idea of a cartoon-ish personality actually gaining the support of the uninformed masses. 

What if "he" won? The thought was amusing and it makes for a great story in a series. You can see where this is leading to. Who would have guessed that exactly 4 years after the episode aired, I would be writing a post comparing a fictitious TV show to real life events. The Simpson's joked about the idea as well, but never show the path to a Trump presidency. The episode ends in a militarized Britain, which spiraled into a fascist regime, with Waldo being the supreme leader of a superpower.


While this episode may have gone under the radar, I strongly feel that this intended joke has become our reality and I am calling for an immediate consultation with Charlie Brooker and his clairvoyance into the future. Please Mr. Brooker, what else can we expect? We need to know what happened to Waldo.

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